Why I LOVE the NHS!!

The NHS is never out of the press these days and most of the time it’s for negative reasons, but I want to stand at the top of the highest mountain and scream ‘THE NHS SAVED MY LIFE, I CANNOT FAULT MY TREATMENT… THERE ARE POSITIVES ABOUT THE NHS AS WELL!!’

There are thousands of unsung heroes working within the NHS who are so caring and talented, for them saving lives is much more than a just a job.  They are passionate about medicine, people and the future of our NHS.  Most of the time they are overlooked and rarely receive any thanks, so I would like to thank each and every one of them for doing such a phenomenal job!  It’s so easy to be negative and of course there are a lot of things we’d all like to improve but I am so thankful that when my life was in danger the whole system worked remarkably well. From the minute the pathologist tested my blood on 20th April 2015 and noticed my dangerously high white blood cell count, to the present day I have had fantastic treatment and support.  Whenever I have asked for information I have been given it without delay or question.

My GP, who rang me to tell me I needed to go to hospital immediately, gave me his mobile number in case we needed to contact him and dealt with what was a very difficult situation calmly and efficiently.  He has offered me unending support, helping my recovery and enabling me to slowly get my life back to some sort of normality.

My consultant has also been incredible, always putting my life first; when I was unsure as to whether I could endure a 4th cycle of chemotherapy he reassured me by taking my concerns seriously.  He took the time to contact a Professor of Haematology and Oncology to find out what the lastest information was on the current clinical trials and discuss the best way forward. Doing everything he could to help me make an informed decision. I did have the 4th cycle and now I cannot thank him enough, it was 100% the right thing to do.  I have since learnt from my own research that it gives me a much better prognosis.  It is important and comforting to be able to trust your medical team when you are being treated for something like Leukaemia.

Over the past few months I have heard from other patients who have had similar experiences to me. My Dad is one of them, while I was enduring a third cycle of chemo he suffered a AAA and we have since been told only had a 20% chance of survival!  However his life was saved by the NHS, on a Sunday.  The whole system swung into action from the first responder and ambulance crew to the vascular surgical team called to action at the hospital ?? miles away.

Another patent who also had AML and has gone to on have a stem cell transplant told me ‘The NHS really kicked in for me’.

I am well aware that sometimes things go dreadfully wrong for patients and acknowledge that too but I also want to make my experience known as it deserves to be heard.  I think we all have to appreciate that rightly or wrongly every part of the NHS is under pressure and think what we as individuals can do to help.  For example, there is so much wasted medication by people in general but, I will leave my thoughts on that for another day!

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