That personal touch ~ Make your own picture – Pineapple

My daughter currently has a fascination with Pineapples…not to eat though just in accessory form.  So with Christmas coming up I thought I would get her a nice picture for her bedroom but sadly after searching online I couldn’t find one that I really liked.  Feeling frustrated and disappointed at having to give the idea up I had a light bulb moment…why don’t I make one?  And below is a photo of my finished ‘work of art’.



Previously I’ve seen other crafters and bloggers using wallpaper samples to make pictures to match the decor of a room or to use as backgrounds.  As it happened my daughter and I had picked up a sample of pineapple wallpaper a few weeks before in our local DIY store.  I dug it out and got to work.  See the pictures below showing the pineapple being cut out, I used both scissors and a craft knife.


Then I used some metallic rose gold spray that I had from from another project to make the background though you could use any card you like to match your theme.  By using the metallic spray it gave it a nice finish.  If you have plain matt card you could use a glitter spray.

Below is what I came up with…

Next I tried the pineapple in different positions and angles until I was happy with how it looked. I used re-position-able spray mount glue which means you can move it around without making a mess or ruining the picture, it’s really sticky too.  Originally I was going to put two pineapples on but decided to leave it at one in the end.  The frame I chose is a grey colour which fits in with the decor of the room its for and it also ties in well with the silver in the pineapple.  I’ve used a cream mount but you can use any colour or no mount at all.


Here is the finished result…I am really pleased with it and am giving it to my daughter for Christmas.  Now that I’ve done this there are lots of other ideas popping into my head…I’ll have to give them as gifts as I haven’t got enough wall space!!


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