Dealing With Negative People In A Positive Way!

Cooking With Emily

Bit of a different post from me today, but one I still feel will be beneficial to the emotional health of many people.  I hear a certain question quite a lot from folk as to how I stay so positive, and I have to say that the answer for me is pretty clear.  Quite simply, I like to switch off negative things.  Now that may seem a rather flippant statement to make, but I gave up a long time ago worrying unnecessarily about situations, what people thought, or getting sucked into negative things that added not one jot of value to my life.  Now that is not to say I do not care, but more that I became choosy as to what I allowed into my life and who and what I surrounded myself with.

People in particular can be a major force in dragging you down.  This does not…

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