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How I deal with time pressures in my life


Why am I constantly battling against the clock…running out of time every single day? (That’s a rhetorical question really), I go to bed every night, setting my alarm, hopeful that the next day will be the one when I finally get it all done.  I must an optimist because I do this pretty much every night and every single day.

I know am not alone in this, it appears to be a problem that people have been grappling with for many, many years.  Some are obsessed by it, some have come to terms with it, some know how to manage it well and others are just trying to make sense of it!  Whenever I feel overwhelmed and that I’m failing in my time management I come back to these quotes to remind myself that actually it’s an age old problem!!

These are the quotes that make me smile again;

“I’m definitely going to take a course on time management…just as soon as I can work it into my schedule.” Louis E.Boone

“There’s never enough time to do nothing.” Daniel Radcliffe

“To achieve great things two things are needed; A plan and not quite enough time.” Leonard Bernstein

“The bad news is time flies…the good news is you’re the pilot.” Michael Altshuler

Some words that truly resonate;

“Time is precious, waste it wisely.”

“Time is free but its priceless, you can’t own it but you can use it, you can’t keep it but you can spend it, once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.” Harvey Mackay

“Time is the most valuable coin in your life.  You and you alone will determine how that coin will be spent.  Be careful that you do not let other people spend it for you.” Carl Sandburg

“You get to decide where your time goes.  You can either spend it moving forward or you can spend it putting out fires. You decide. And if you don’t decide, others will decide for you.” Tony Morgan.

And now…

Back to my endless to do list and busy mind that won’t stop opening new tabs!

Oh and if anyone out there has any great tips that could help please leave your comment below…Many many thanks… I certainly need some help!

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