AML? What the Hell!!!! One life ending & another beginning

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So it has been three years since that day... the day when one life ended and another began.   When I was in that hospital room with what I thought was some sort of infection and the consultant came in with tears in her eyes to tell me I actually had a very aggressive form of… Continue reading AML? What the Hell!!!! One life ending & another beginning

What Cancer has taught me about friendships

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Cancer has a profound effect on your life in many ways, the ripple effect seems to go on and on and on.   Before you become part of this world you have no idea it will change you and how you see your life going forward. There's no denying that the emotions attached to a cancer… Continue reading What Cancer has taught me about friendships

What it feels like to have chemotherapy

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A while ago I was asked by Healthy Magazine to share my experience with chemotherapy and I was happy to do so.  I've always been open and honest about my Leukaemia journey and through this I have been contacted many times by others who, after reading my story, have felt touched or comforted.  I am… Continue reading What it feels like to have chemotherapy

Understanding Acute Myeloid Leukaemia & its treatment

This post is aimed helping you understand the basics about Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) and how it is treated.  As with other cancers it is a very complicated disease with researches and the medical profession learning new things about it all of the time.  With some confusing terms and words associated with it I have… Continue reading Understanding Acute Myeloid Leukaemia & its treatment

My Hair – Growing back to being me again

After over two and a half years, as far as my hair is concerned, I am finally starting to look like 'Anna' again.  It's been so long and I never thought I'd feel like this again but here I am. Before I start I just want to point out that this is my personal story,… Continue reading My Hair – Growing back to being me again

The History of Leukaemia


During my recovery from AML have have been doing lots of research into Leukaemia so decided to write this post.  I've always loved researching and finding out the history behind something, although it is not something nice I still found it extremely interesting!  So for those of you who's also like to know please carry… Continue reading The History of Leukaemia

A Fusion of a Fighter and Survivor

Am I survivor or a fighter... or am I both? So this is something I have given a lot of thought to and since writing this post I've realised that, after everything I've been through, I am a 'Fusion of a Fighter and Survivor'. In the cancer community some class themselves as survivors and some… Continue reading A Fusion of a Fighter and Survivor

The Reality of Chemo Hair loss – ‘It Just Isn’t Me’

I've been prompted to write this post after being asked to talk on BBC Radio Lincolnshire's Melvyn Prior show about cancer and hair loss.  I also tuned into the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio Two as they too were discussing it.When Victoria Derbyshire took her wig off in her video diary my mind flashed… Continue reading The Reality of Chemo Hair loss – ‘It Just Isn’t Me’

Toe tapping, nudity, tears & laughter at The Girls Musical

My family and I know first hand how unbelievably tough fighting Leukaemia is and as a Bloodwise Ambassador my husband, sister, brother in law and I were invited to a special showing of Tim Firth's and Gary Barlow's The Girls Musical at the Phoenix Theatre in London's West End.  Having heard lots of great things… Continue reading Toe tapping, nudity, tears & laughter at The Girls Musical