How Does Elie Respond When Moshe Asks Him Why Do You Pray?

Why do they clean the block when they are about to leave?

Why is the wooden floor of the block cleaned before they leave.

The prisoners were told to keep it clean so the liberators don’t think they lived in a pigsty.

What did the men do on the eve of Rosh Hashana.

They held their prayer service and later wished each other a Happy New Year..

What is Elie’s response to the question where is God now?

When the prisoner asks “where is God now” how does Elie respond? Elie responds that “God is hanging here from this gallows”. the merciful, kind, loving God that Elie had grown to cherish and devote his life to was hanged along with the young pipels in the middle of the camp.

Is Moishe the Beadle homeless?

Being that Moishe the Beadle is a foreign Jew, who is homeless and lives in poverty, the Jewish citizens of Sighet do not believe anything he says and simply dismiss his warnings.

Why did I pray What a strange question why did I live Why did I breathe?

When asked by Moishe the Beadle why he prays, Eliezer replies, “Why did I pray? What a strange question. Why did I live? Why did I breathe?” Observance and belief were unquestioned parts of his core sense of identity, so once his faith is irreparably shaken, he becomes a completely different person.

Why did Elie stop praying?

Eliezer has decided that the Nazis’ actions mean that God is not present in the concentration camps, and thus praying to him is foolish. … Eliezer’s loss of faith comes to mean betrayal not just of God but also of his fellow human beings. Wiesel seems to affirm that life without faith or hope of some kind is empty.

What were Elie’s father’s last words?

He assumes that his father has been taken to the crematory and recalls that his father’s final word was “Eliezer.” Too weary for tears, Elie realizes that death has liberated him from a doomed, irretrievable burden.

What did Mrs Schachter foreshadow?

‘ The stench of burning flesh in the air was both disconcerting and sickening. Thus, Mrs. Schachter’s nightmare not only foreshadowed the horrific suffering of the Jewish people, it also foreshadowed the dehumanization of a society bound by uncompromising racial purity theories.

What is the ghetto in the book night?

What were the ghettos? “Mini” concentration camps in towns where Jews were forced to live before taken to the camps.

How does Elie feel when his father dies?

After suffering through the arduous conditions of various camps with his father and surviving the inhumane treatment, Elie finally gives up hope after his father dies. Deep inside, Elie is happy that his father is finally free, but is overwhelmed with grief and becomes numb.

What does Elie dream about at his weakest point?

He imagined a world with no bells. What happened to the patients who stayed in the hospital instead of being evacuated? They were liberated by the Russians two days after the others left.

What news does Elie’s father return with?

What news does Elie’s father return with after his late-night meeting of the council? They are going to be deported, destination unknown.

What choice does each man have at Auschwitz?

What choice does each man have at Auschwitz? They have the option to work or go to the crematorium. What advice does the Polish prisoner in charge of their barracks give before that are allowed to lie down in a bunk?

Why does Elie’s father ask him about Madame Schachter?

Why does Eliezer’s father ask him, “Do you remember Mrs. Schachter in the train?”? Because she mentioned the flames on the way to the first camp, and she was right about the fire.

What is Elie’s response when Moishe asks him why do you pray?

Elie is unable to give a reason for why he prays and why his prayers causehim to cry other than a stirring inside him that produces the need to weep. When Moche asks him why he prays, Elie thinks, “Why did I live? Why did I breathe?” To him praying is a basic necessity, almost the essence of life.

Did Moishe the Beadle die?

The Jews were then put into trucks and taken into the forest, where they were forced to dig their own mass grave. The Germans then shot each person, including the infants and children. Moishe only escaped because he was shot in the leg and left for dead.

What happens to Moshe the Beadle when he is expelled from Sighet?

Moshe the Beadle (Elie’s Kabbalah tutor) is expelled from Sighet for being a foreign Jew. He is gone a few months and upon his return he tried to warn everyone about the Nazis. … Ghetto neighborhoods outlined in barbed wire where Jews were forced to live.

Why did Elie pray?

Why did Eliezer pray? Why did he cry when he prayed? He says that he does not know why he prays it is simply because he has always done it; he cries when he prays because something deep within him feels the need to cry. 3.

What happens to Elie’s father after he died?

After a death march of over 30 miles, Elie and his father arrive at Gleiwitz where they spend three days without food or water. A Polish violinist Elie befriends in Buna. … Elie’s father dies in Buchenwald of dysentery on January 28, 1945 and Elie is liberated by the American army from Buchenwald on April 10, 1945.

How did Elie again help his father when they were on the train?

How did Elie again help his father when they were on the train? Elie slaps his father in the face to wake him up so that they do not take him with the dead. … A father saw a crust of bread and saved him a piece, but the son killed the father for eating it, no matter if he had a piece of him or not.

Why can’t Elie weep at his father’s death?

For Wiesel and his father, they stuck together until the bitter end. … Why can’t Eliezer weep at his father’s death? He had no more tears but at the same time, his father was no longer a burden to him so he essentially was free. When he is finally free, Elie looks at himself in a mirror.

How did Juliek die?

Juliek is a young man from Warsaw who played the violin in the Buna band, which is where Eliezer met him for the first time. Later he is transported with Eliezer to Buchenwald but he dies en route in the barracks at Gleiwitz. The night he dies, he plays his violin.