How Safe Is Hendon London?

Is East Finchley posh?

Some people say that you should only move to East Finchley if you decide to settle down, as the area is extremely “dull”.

They also say that Muswell Hill (read my area guide to Muswell Hill as well) is posh and boring.

There are so many charming streets, beautiful houses and green spaces in East Finchley..

Which zone is Hendon?

Hendon Central tube station. Opened as terminus. Hendon Central is a London Underground station in North West London on the A41. The station is on the Edgware branch of the Northern line, between Colindale and Brent Cross stations, and is on the boundary between Travelcard Zone 3 and Zone 4.

What zone is Colindale in?

Colindale is a London Underground station in Colindale, a suburb of north London. The station is on the north-south Edgware branch of the Northern line, between Burnt Oak and Hendon Central stations, and in Travelcard Zone 4.

Is Colindale a good place to live?

Colindale has been transformed over the last decade. It’s always been a great place to live for families or older couples, not to mention those looking for an easy commute into Central London.

What county is Colindale?

Greater LondonColindale is a London district in the borough of Barnet, although the western side of Colindale’s main shopping street on the A5 (including Colindale Business Park) falls within the boundaries of Brent….ColindaleOS grid referenceTQ213897Ceremonial countyGreater LondonRegionLondonCountryEngland14 more rows

What is the most dangerous borough in London?

WestminsterWestminster is the most dangerous borough of London for the 4th consecutive year. It is a popular area for tourists. Unfortunately, tourists are usually targeted by thieves and pickpockets, and the majority of crimes (52%) committed in Westminster last year were incidents of theft.

How high is high Barnet?

427 feetFor a London town, Barnet lies very high; the High Street is 427 feet (130 m) above sea level and the surrounding southern land no less than 295 feet (90 m).

Is High Barnet safe?

High Barnet is one of the best areas for families in London. It has a higher than average safety record, a few top performing schools in England and loads of green spaces and parks.

What is High Barnet like to live in?

High Barnet is especially popular with young families thanks to the abundance of green spaces and good schools. It’s also in demand with young professionals who are looking for quieter areas to call home. The average age of people living in Barnet is 40.

How far is Edgware from central London?

How far is it from Edgware to London? The distance between Edgware and London is 10 miles. The road distance is 8.8 miles.

Is Finchley dangerous?

Finchley Chruch End was the safest area of Barnet in terms of having the lowest crime rate. There was a total of 59 offences reported to The Met Police in March 2020. … There was also two counts of arson and criminal damage, two public order offences and one robbery.

Is Mill Hill Posh?

Mill Hill is a lively and affluent district located in the heart of the London borough of Barnet. It has a number of green spaces, a wealth of local shops, delis, cafes and restaurants, most of which are located in Mill Hill Broadway. …

Is Barnet a rich area?

The priciest areas can usually be found in the north of the borough, where properties in neighbourhoods such as Totteridge, Hadley, and High Barnet often sell for multi-million pound sums, although Hampstead Garden Suburb in the south frequently tops the list for some of the UK’s most expensive streets.

Is Colindale dangerous?

It still has a very real gang problem, even on the periphery. In terms of other crime, biggest around Colindale is anti-social behaviour and the odd moped theft. GPE aside, it’s a fairly safe place.

Is Edgware Safe?

Another way of putting it is that Edgeware has not been blessed or cursed with too much gentrification, leaving it a very ‘real’ community. It’s rough in places, quite lovely and green in other, and overall a largely safe and good place to bring up the kids.

What zone is Hendon overground station?

It is 6 miles 79 chains (11.2 km) down the line from St Pancras and is situated between Cricklewood to the south and Mill Hill Broadway to the north. Its three-letter station code is HEN. The station is served by Thameslink-operated trains on the Thameslink route. It is on the boundary of Travelcard Zone 3 and Zone 4.

Is Hendon London a nice place to live?

Hendon is a lively, and diverse suburb located in the north London borough of Barnet. It is an ideal location for travelling to other parts of the city, with excellent transport links, plenty of amenities, and good quality housing.

Is Edgware in London or Middlesex?

“EDGWARE, a parish in the hundred of Gore, county Middlesex, 8 miles N.W. of London. It is situated on the St. Alban’s road, about 3 miles N.W. of the railway station at Harrow, and includes Little Stanmore, Edgware Brys, and part of Elstree.