Quick Answer: Is Teddington Posh?

What is the best borough to live in London?

The top six places to live in London are:Bexley: best for affordable living.Islington: best for students.Camden: best for hipsters.Richmond: best for families.Shoreditch: best for foodies.Lewisham: best for nature lovers..

Is Richmond safe at night?

Richmond is safe at night unless you are in the bad part of the hood. Much like anywhere. The Fan and downtown are two different areas. Both are safe at night, but downtown becomes pretty quiet in some areas.

Which borough in London is the richest?

The 10 most expensive London boroughs Westminster – £3,099,172. Kensington and Chelsea – £2,080,134. Camden – £1,858,738. Hammersmith and Fulham – £964,013. Hackney – £933,006. Richmond upon Thames – £838,527. Lambeth – £834,518. Wandsworth – £803,319.More items…•Nov 2, 2020

What are the safest boroughs in London?

10 safest places to live in London in 20215: Sutton: 12,100 crimes – 58.38 per 1,000. … 4: Kingston upon Thames: 10,507 crimes – 58.16 per 1,000. … 3: Bexley: 14,389 crimes – 57.70 per 1,000. … 2: Harrow: 14,578 crimes – 57.22 per 1,000. … 1: Richmond upon Thames: 11,336 crimes – 56.68 per 1,000.More items…•Jan 14, 2021

Which zone is Teddington?

Teddington railway station is located in Teddington in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, in south west London, and is in Travelcard Zone 6. It is 13 miles 54 chains (22.0 km) down the line from London Waterloo. The station is operated by South Western Railway, as are all trains serving it.

Does Teddington station have oyster?

At this station assistance is provided by the Guard on board the train….Teddington station.Ticket buying and collectionInformationTop up Oyster pay as you go hereYesUse Oyster pay as you go hereYesLondon Fare ZoneZone 64 more rows

Why is Mortlake called?

A Thames-side settlement with a proud industrial past, situated opposite the tip of the Chiswick peninsula. Domesday Book recorded the presence of a fishery here and Mortlake’s name probably derives from the Old English words ‘mort’, a young salmon, and ‘lacu’, a small stream (since lost).

What is Teddington famous for?

In 2021, Teddington was named as the best place to live in London by The Sunday Times. Teddington is situated on a long meander of the Thames between Hampton Wick and Strawberry Hill, Twickenham….TeddingtonOS grid referenceTQ159708London boroughRichmondCeremonial countyGreater LondonRegionLondon18 more rows

Is Teddington safe?

It’s easy to take the train up to central London from Teddington Station. There’s so much to enjoy and see locally with an abundance of scenic attractions in and surrounding this popular destination. We have many families living in the area. It’s a very safe and friendly place.

How far is Teddington from central London?

11 milesThe distance between London and Teddington is 11 miles.

What was filmed at Teddington Lock?

These include all of Tommy Cooper’s shows produced by Thames Television (1973-1980), The Sooty Show, George and Mildred, Man About the House and long-running light entertainment series such as This is Your Life and Opportunity Knocks.

Is Twickenham a good place to live?

Where is Twickenham and is it a Good Place to Live? Living in Twickenham is considered highly desirable and house prices are high. At our end of town we’re closer to Richmond Upon Thames than Twickenham town centre. We can walk here, to up-market Richmond, within 5 minutes.

What are the crime rates in Teddington?

There were a total of 138 street level crime incidents in Teddington in December 2020. The largest category was Anti Social Behaviour, followed by Violent Crime. Below are these incidents broken down by category….Crime Statistics for Teddington, London, Richmond Upon Thames.Crime CategoryIncidentsAnti Social Behaviour66Violent Crime22Vehicle Crime12Burglary107 more rows•Feb 4, 2021

Is Teddington a nice area?

Teddington is a beautiful area with a strong, peaceful family atmosphere. There are some really pretty streets with lots green space on your doorstep, such as Bushy Park and Hampton Court park, the River Thames and lots of smaller little parks and playgrounds.

Is Richmond upon Thames posh?

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames is an affluent area on the outskirts of South West London and adjoins Surrey. It’s a nice place to visit on a sunny day; & attracts lots of day trippers who sit by the river, have a beer, or go shopping in Richmond town centre.

What train line is Teddington on?

Kingston Loop LineTeddington stations lies in the London borough of Richmond upon Thames in southwest London, within Travelcard Zone 6. The station sits on the Kingston Loop Line, with South West Trains services running both ways to London Waterloo – via Kingston upon Thames and Wimbledon one way, and Richmond and Putney the other.

Why was Teddington Lock built?

In 1940 Teddington Lock was the assembly point for an enormous flotilla of small ships from the length of the River Thames to be used in the evacuation of Dunkirk.