Quick Answer: What Was Juliek’S Last Act Before Dying?

What illness did Elie’s father suffer from?

Confined to his bed, Eliezer’s father continues to approach death.

He is afflicted with dysentery, which makes him terribly thirsty, but it is extremely dangerous to give water to a man with dysentery.

Eliezer tries to find medical help for his father, to no avail..

Why did Elie feel ashamed of himself while he searched for his father?

how did Meir Katz save Eliezer ? … why did Eliezer feel ashamed of himself while he searched for his father ? because he was talking about how he would be happy if he was dead because he wouldn’t have to take care of him or worry (he would take care of himself) why did Eliezer hesitate to give his sick father water ?

Why is Juliek’s last act and act of defiance?

How does Zalman die? Zalman dies soon after being trampled by thousands of inmates. … Juliek’s last act was to play Beethoven on his violin as a way of commemorating he dead and dying.

How is Juliek’s concert an act of defiance?

How is Juliek’s “concert” an act of defiance? An ugly, twisted expression on a person’s face, typically expressing disgust, pain, or wry amusement.

How did Elie’s father die?

Mr Wiesel’s mother and one sister were killed in Nazi death chambers. His father died of starvation and dysentery in the Buchenwald camp.

Why didn’t he see his father died?

He does not see his father die because he was sleeping and he does not cry because he was all out of tears. … Wiesel, after his father’s death, didn’t care about anything except food and survival for himself, and was completely desensitized.

Where is God now night?

“Where is God? Where is He?” someone behind me asked. .. For more than half an hour [the child in the noose] stayed there, struggling between life and death, dying in slow agony under our eyes.

What event does Elie say he always remembers when he hears Beethoven?

“Suddenly, he hears the sound of the violin in the darkness in the middle of the night,” Jamner said. Elie recognized the music as Beethoven’s violin concerto, and realized it must be coming from Juliek, a prisoner from Warsaw who played in the orchestra at the Buna concentration camp.

What was Elie’s father’s last words?

He assumes that his father has been taken to the crematory and recalls that his father’s final word was “Eliezer.” Too weary for tears, Elie realizes that death has liberated him from a doomed, irretrievable burden.

What kept Elie from giving up and dying?

What is it that keeps Elie from giving up and falling out of line during the evacuation? The only thing that stops Elie from falling out of line and just letting himself die was the presence of his father. He was his father’s sole support, and Elie’s father was Elie’s sole support.

Why does Mr Wiesel warn Elie not to go to sleep in the snow?

Wiesel warn Eli not to fall asleep in the snow? Because if he does he may not wake up. … How long did Elie stay at Gleiwitz? He had stayed there for 3 days.

Why does Elie get beat badly by IDEK?

After several days, Elie and his father were assigned to work in a warehouse for electrical equipment. The job itself was easy and not dangerous. The problem was with Idek, the Kapo, who was subject to bouts of madness, which caused him to act irrationally and beat the prisoners.

What did Elie realize about Rabbi eliahou and his son?

What did Elie realize about Rabbi Eliahou and his son? He realized that the son had been trying to lose his father as the men were running. At the same time, the Rabbi was looking for the son who had deserted him. … Elie heard a voice that he recognized, Juliek, the muscician from Warsaw who’d played the violin at Buna.

What was the last thing that Juliek did before he died?

Overall, Juliek’s last act was to play Beethoven on his violin for the malnourished, exhausted Jewish prisoners before he passed away later that night.

Who was IDEK in night?

Idek. Eliezer’s Kapo (a prisoner conscripted by the Nazis to police other prisoners) at the electrical equipment warehouse in Buna. Despite the fact that they also faced the cruelty of the Nazis, many Kapos were as cruel to the prisoners as the Germans. During moments of insane rage, Idek beats Eliezer.

Why does IDEK beat Elie?

Idek beats Elie’s father because he was on edge, and when he exploded, his victim was Elie’s father, yelling at him about how he was not working. … When Idek sees Elie out of his place and not working, he decided to whip him.

What advice does the head of the block give Elie?

What advice does head of the block give to Elie regarding his father? He said that he should only think of himself and not give his father any bread or soup.

What relative does Elie meet shortly after arriving Why does Elie lie?

What relative does Elie meet shortly after arriving? Why does Elie lie to him? Elie meets Stein from Antwerp. Elie lies to him because he would’ve been devastated if Elie had told him the truth.

Why does Elie’s father wake him up when he is sleeping on the snow?

He was shot by the SS and then trampled to death. Why does Elie’s father wake him up when he is sleeping on the snow? It is dangerous to sleep in the snow because you might not wake up. … Juliek died the night he played Beethoven’s concerto.

What does Juliek do before dying?

Juliek is a young man from Warsaw who played the violin in the Buna band, which is where Eliezer met him for the first time. The night he dies, he plays his violin. …

Why did Elie’s father refuse to let him sleep when they stopped for a while?

Some time later, Elie was awakened by his father. Why would he not let Elie sleep? He was afraid that if Elie really slept in the snow, he would never wake up. … Elie and his father agreed that they would watch out for each other and not let the other fall asleep.