Quick Answer: Why Was The Minority French Speaking Community Rich And Powerful In Belgium?

Which minority community is relatively rich and powerful?

The minority community which was relatively rich and powerful in Belgium were the French.

The French speakers got the advantage of development in economic area because of many reasons..

Which community was more rich and powerful in Belgium?

Answer: The Dutch were powerful in Belgium, as their population was much higher than French and other Communities. The minority French speaking community was relatively rich and powerful in Belgium.

Why was minority French speaking community?

Why was minority french speaking community relatively rich and powerful? … Due to their higher skills and education the French speaking population was able to get better jobs. The French were part of an aristocracy of tradesman and thus were financially also strong.

Which of the following community was relatively rich and powerful in Belgium in 1950s?

The French-speaking minority in Belgium was relatively rich and powerful. The Dutch-speaking culture, which got the benefit of economic growth and education much later, resented that.

Who are the minority community in Belgium Class 10?

Answer: French speaking community is regarded as Minority in Belgium. Explanation: French speaking people are less in Number in Belgium So regarded as Minority.

Why did the Dutch Recent the French speaking community in Belgium?

Answer. In Belgium the minority French speaking people wad more powerful than the majority Dutch speaking people. Obviously the Dutch speaking people were not satisfied with their plight and this was the main reason behind the tension between them.

How was the conflict between the two communities resolved in Belgium?

Belgians resolved the ethnic conflict between 1970 and 1993, as they amended their Constitution four times, to work out an arrangement that would enable everyone to live together within the same country.

What led to tension between Dutch and French in Belgium?

The economic inequality between the Dutch speaking and French-speaking was the basic cause of tension. The French-speaking community who was in minority was relatively rich and powerful whereas the Dutch-speaking community who was in majority was poor.

Which community in Belgium is poor and less powerful minority or majority?

Answer. in belgium, the minority dutch-speaking community was relatively rich and powerful than the majority french-speaking community.

Why was the minority French community rich and powerful?

French speakers got the benefit of economic development. . They were well-qualified and educated. … Because of their qualifications and education, they were well-settled and thus, rich and powerful.

Who are the majority community in Belgium?

DUTCH communityAnswer. DUTCH community constituted majority in Belgium but minority in its capital.

Who were the minority community in Belgium?

It thus finds that the following groups are to be considered as minorities in Belgium within the context of the Framework Convention: at state level, the German-speaking community; at local and regional level, the French-speakers in the Dutch-language Region and in the German-language Region, and the Dutch-speakers and …

Who is minority in Belgium?

Population groups include Flemings 6.6 million (57 per percent), Walloons 3.6 million (32 per cent) and German-speaking Belgians 77,200 (0.7 per cent). There are also an estimated 30,000 Roma in Belgium.