Why run for charity? – Four people share their reasons

If you are struggling to decide whether or not to take on the challenge of a long distance running event keep reading because in this post four people share their thoughts on why supporting a charity is the best way to do it.

Blood Cancer Research at Bloodwise – How existing drugs could potentially be used to fight blood cancer

At the Bloodwise Impact Day in September 2018 Dr Farhat Khanim was one of the research scientists who had agreed to share their current work with the attendees.   She is a Bloodwise funded scientist who is wonderfully passionate about her work and fully believes in the research they are doing. I decided to write this… Continue reading Blood Cancer Research at Bloodwise – How existing drugs could potentially be used to fight blood cancer

What happens when you are diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia? (AML)

I've put this together from the patient's and family's perspective because we have been through it and because when it happened to us this type of post would have been extremely helpful.  What happens when you are diagnosed with acute Myeloid Leukaemia or indeed any acute leukaemia?  What does it mean? What happens next?

The NHS saved my life – I want my story to highlight its successes

NHS Leukaemia survivor story

So 70 years ago the NHS was born, 70 years is a massive achievement and it has saved the lives of thousands of people since its birth, that is something no one can deny and doesn’t seem to get the same publicity as the negatives.  The NHS provides many things that most people take for… Continue reading The NHS saved my life – I want my story to highlight its successes

What being diagnosed with Leukaemia feels like – three years on

acute myeloid leukaemia blood cancer blog anna mamwell bloodwise

When I was in that hospital room with what I thought was some sort of infection and the consultant came in with tears in her eyes to tell me I actually had a very aggressive form of Leukaemia and that they would need to treat it aggressively, starting that very same day. 

My Hair – Growing back to being me again

After over two and a half years, as far as my hair is concerned, I am finally starting to look like 'Anna' again.  It's been so long and I never thought I'd feel like this again but here I am. Before I start I just want to point out that this is my personal story,… Continue reading My Hair – Growing back to being me again

The History of Leukaemia


During my recovery from AML have have been doing lots of research into Leukaemia so decided to write this post.  I've always loved researching and finding out the history behind something, although it is not something nice I still found it extremely interesting!  So for those of you who's also like to know please carry… Continue reading The History of Leukaemia

Review of The Girls Musical – Toe Tapping, Tears, Laughter & Nudity!

The Girls Musical Gary Barlow Calendar Girls Tim Firth

This story is not just about a group of women who sold lots of nude calendars.  What really comes across in the musical is a community coming together and women overcoming various personal challenges with the aim to help others in their darkest hour. I feel nothing but admiration not only for the original ladies but also the actresses who were naked on stage.