The History of Leukaemia


During my recovery from AML have have been doing lots of research into Leukaemia so decided to write this post.  I've always loved researching and finding out the history behind something, although it is not something nice I still found it extremely interesting!  So for those of you who's also like to know please carry… Continue reading The History of Leukaemia

With heartfelt thanks on Remembrance day

Remembering the fallen on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month...Armistice Day. Growing up Remembrance Day was always very much part of our yearly calendar, at my school and at home we were taught of its importance, what it meant to us and the world around us. I decided to put… Continue reading With heartfelt thanks on Remembrance day

Hidden in plain sight for 80 years ~ Cornwall’s time capsule


After being hidden from the outside world for 80 years this secret historical time capsule was rescued

Queen Victoria ~ Revealed by her own words

An insightful visit into Queen Victoria's childhood home and life as a Queen, Wife and Mother where her actual words come alive to take you around the exhibition ~ Visit London