Why writing is my soul mate…

Words... I love words, love to read them, write them and discover them. We use them to illustrate our lives; they are the carriers of meaning, how we convey our understanding of the world around us and connect with others.  How we use them often defines who we are; powerful and sometimes misunderstood, often deliberately… Continue reading Why writing is my soul mate…

She became a Warrior

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Writing is my therapy and this piece has been running around in my head for a long while so I finally decided to write in down... hope you enjoy and understand She Became A Warrior At first a reluctant gladiator thrown into a ferocious battle, unequipped and powerless but with little choice after a cruel… Continue reading She became a Warrior

The Libra in Me…What a Typical Libra looks like!

I've often seen quotes and posts on social media about the Libra star sign, my star sign and a lot of the time I can relate to the concepts.   Many of the characteristics of a Libra really sum me up so I decided to look into just how many of them are part of… Continue reading The Libra in Me…What a Typical Libra looks like!

Statistics ~ How relevant are they?

Recently, as I am part of the Macmillan online community due to having Leukaemia, the debate about statistics came up.  It prompted me to consider statistical significance and the various statistics definitions out there to explore how I feel about them after they have became more than just numbers to me now. They are an… Continue reading Statistics ~ How relevant are they?

With heartfelt thanks on Remembrance day

Remembering the fallen on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month...Armistice Day. Growing up Remembrance Day was always very much part of our yearly calendar, at my school and at home we were taught of its importance, what it meant to us and the world around us. I decided to put… Continue reading With heartfelt thanks on Remembrance day